What are Whole Foods?

Eat Heal ThriveReally -What are Whole Foods?

There’s a world of difference between “Bite Size Pieces” and an ordinary cookbook.

“Bite Size Pieces” is a very unique cookbook as the information offered is unsurpassed.  In small digestible amounts, recipes, food choices and passion, is combined under one roof.  You can live on “Bite Size Pieces”.


“Bite Size Pieces” is a great start, to knowing how and why to make changes and creating variety and color to meals that are satisfying and delicious.

In “Bite Size Pieces” there are no mistakes-just masterpieces!  After all, when we create a meal we are accomplishing the latest innovation.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty.  “Bite Size Pieces” brings the “fun” back in your kitchen!

Get inspired -Fire up your imagination release your routine, and enjoy “Bite Size Pieces”   Learn to love your kitchen again!  Included are kids recipes, gluten free recipes along with Holiday recipes and more…

Connie is a Certified Health Coach, Culinary Artist and Reiki Master.   Connie believes it is her purpose, and her passion to assist people in their  journey to wholeness.

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