Reflexions of Our Behavior



The biggest enemy of our health is our behavior.

We cover our bodies with toxic chemicals.

We dig our graves with our teeth one day at a time. 

We stress, feel unappreciated and are over-medicated.

We purchase dead lifeless foods from our conventional grocery stores, consume fake foods from a microwave and eat fast-food takeout.

We  munch foods stripped of nutrients, and filled with pesticides.

We forget all life is movement!

If this sound like your life, you can never eat enough, get enough, or feel enough.  You are not nourished.  No sooner you finish a meal, your body screams for more.   You suffer from toxic taste bud syndrome,  forget water, and can’t sleep.  Your game is sugar and caffeine hoping for  increase energy while your immune system  is begging for help.

Don’t buy into the belief that there is nothing you can do….because there is.

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