Hormonal Disruption/ Microbiome


What does Leaky Gut Syndrome have to do with Your Microbiome?

LGS allows undigested proteins and fats to “leak” out of the intestine and into the bloodstream, where it sets off an autoimmune reaction. This irritation triggers increased cortisol secretion as your adrenal glands are alerted to an increase in histamine levels. The histamine causes the inflammation. The cortisol acts as an anti-inflammatory, and suppresses the immune system.. If always in a stressed state, immunity is low, lowering gut microbiome.





Going Full circle..Low energy … and an abundance of stress to our adrenal glands along with food intolerances in our gut can be culprits in hindering any attempts to feel better.

everythingSo what does being exposed to an abundance of endocrine disruptors cause?

Weight Gain





Calcium Imbalances

Metabolic Disorders

Thyroid Disorders



Hormonal Imbalances



and more


Disrupting the endocrine system can occur in several ways. Some chemicals can mimic a natural hormone, such as rBGH dairy and detergents (i.e.Tide) are involved in fooling the body into responding to stimulus at inappropriate times (e.g., producing insulin when it is not needed). Other endocrine disrupting chemicals can block the effects of a hormone from certain receptors. Still others can directly stimulate or inhibit the endocrine system, causing overproduction or underproduction of hormones.

Excitotoxins are neurotoxic and endocrine disruptors. They are used in foods to excite our tastebuds and can keep us addicted. Examples are Aspartame and MSG.  High intake of any excitotoxins can lead to abnormal learning, addictive behaviors and thyroid issues. MSG an excitotoxin, actually kills brain cells in the hypothalamus.

As proven by Dr. John Olney in experiments so groundbreaking that American food companies took MSG out of baby food after the results of Olneys’ study were released to the public. Low and no fat milk products often contain milk solids that contain MSG.

Some things we do can snowball into other issues. For example: In many situations involving environmental chemicals, toxins and processed foods,  endocrine disruption is the result.

*Certain drugs are used to intentionally cause some of these effects, such as birth control pills.

*Radiation from X-rays and mercury from dental amalgam fillings can actually cause thyroid disease.

*Antibiotics are endocrine disruptors.  These disrupt the good gut microbiome. Being on antibiotics for a long time can lead to yeast infections. Yeast infections can instigate thyroid problems. Ingesting antibiotics in your foods disrupts microbiome, hormones, metabolism and the brain.




Hopefully you are getting the picture that diet and chemicals plays a major role in hormones, gut, brain and whole body health.


Think of hormones as your invisible friends who need to all be dancing to the same rhythm to make your life and body feel like a party!  Sounds like fun -right?

If you are not feeling well -it’s time to take the toxins out and take your life back!    GO HERE




About the Author: Connie is a Professional Integrative Health Coach, Mind/Body Coach, Published Author, Natural News Blogger, Reiki Master. 



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