The Right Tools for Your Kitchen

Adding Color

Remember when your Grandmother started her cooking at 5am? We’ve come a long way baby!

Cooking and preparing foods with love always makes those foods taste better.  Today you can still add a little love  to your busy day -when you wake up to both color and nutrition!

Have you noticed your man has just the right tools in his tool box, to get the job done?


It’s time to give yourself the “Gift of Health” and purchase the right tools for your kitchen! It’s called a Blendtec (pictured above) A very powerful blender.

“BPA free” this tool comes with a great guarantee.  Having this Blendtec  in your kitchen can save you time and money, while making things easier.  Literally you can make everything from soup to nut butters and more.  It takes just about 2 minutes to serve hot or cold soups. You can design a different green smoothie daily. Tasting fresh raw nut butters or nut cheeses has never been easier. Makes healthy snacks and dinners a breeze!  Easy to clean.



Your next tool will be a food processor. I personally like my strong and powerful Kitchen Aid.  Make things easy and fun by creating a no- hassle guacamole, salsas, dips, hummus, slicing vegetables, cabbage, chopped salads and so much more., all with the touch of a button.  Give your kitchen counter a face lift.  Keep your tools ready to use every day by storing them on top of your granite countertops!


kitchen aidYour next tool will be a juicer.

I like Omega = powerful nutrients at your fingertips.  It’s easy to make fresh, pure organic carrot, beet and apple, or kale, ginger and apple  or fresh pineapple juices at home.  Not only can you make fabulous juices but you can use the pulp to make some great raw carrot cake or pet food. When we Juice we give our digestive system a rest, including the pancreas, gallbladder and liver.  During this process, your cells have the time to catch up with their work as well. Some say they experience renewed energy, a clearer complexion, and clarity of mind and body. Operation is simple, the parts are easy to clean and the housing wipes clean with a wet cloth.

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