There are many addictions that grab our attention.

1-If we are addicted to stress getting us through the day, than stress is both our friend and our enemy, just like any drug of choice.  If we don’t reduce the “stress source” we can’t remove the addiction.

2-Toxic salts, sugars and chemicals are designed to appeal to our senses. These can become addicting.

3-Wheat and Other Grains can be chemically addicting.

4-Sugar is physically addictive.  “Studies at Princeton University find that sugar consumption leads to all of the identifying symptoms of addiction in rats.  And many experts believe that breaking the sugar addiction is more challenging than getting off of nicotine or even heroine.”

5-There is a drug like effect in highly processed foods.  And it’s not your fault. Over the past 30 years of helping thousands of clients improve their personal health, I’ve seen a steady growth of unhealthy, processed foods create an overwhelming, yet almost invisible battle field for people trying to lose weight.  The majority of what’s on the shelves in grocery stores is part of the problem.  When combined with the multi billion dollar advertising campaigns that target every “addictive sensation” with a steady bombardment of slogans and catchy phrases, no wonder we are addicted.   Our subconscious mind is programmed by clever TV ads creating the most amazing reactions when we walk down food isles, and pick up those items, without ever reading the labels.  Our subconscious programming has been linked to the food being happiness.  It’s one of the most powerful food / pleasure traps ever created, and until we see the connection, and make a conscious effort to break it, we will continue down the rabbit hole, guided by the almighty corporate dollar.

6-Dr Joe Rubino..on addiction “Many times, the addictive reactive behavior is so powerful that we will sacrifice our happiness, our relationships, our health, our peace of minds and everything that is important to us just to be right or just to be angry or just to be sad. There are about 280 million people who are walking around on earth who are addicted to sadness.”

7-Smoking is not the answer to weight loss. Active smoking is associated with development of metabolic syndrome.

What can you do?

Meditation can prove beneficial.  Become mindful of your actions.

Realize you have the power to make changes. Seek support from a Health Coach @

5 Health tips:

1-Avoid eating when you are working, playing, walking at a art show or watching TV.   This means avoid eating at the same time you are doing something else. The process of Digestion takes full concentration from the mind and the body.

2-Add self care to your daily routine.

3-Include organic whole foods at each meal.

4-Read labels.

5-Avoid grains and sugar.

6-Cravings can disappear when we get our body back in balance with nutrient rich foods and healthy emotions.


Sugar blues:


Authors notes:  It’s a slow steady process of deprogramming someone who’s been hypnotized.  I totally understand the power of the spell and stranglehold, cast by the processed food industry, but once the spell is broken, we begin to create a new understanding that simple decisions and actions put us in charge of our health.

Once we “break the spell”, we may be able to see the distraction behind the advertising community and become an educated consumer, reading labels, knowing what to look for, and avoid 90% of the grocery shelves. In the interim we re-discover our tastebuds and how truly delicious whole foods really are.  As a matter of fact, the crunch of biting into a crispy apple, is one of the most wonderful “welcome home” moments that many of my recovering junk food addicts have ever experienced!




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