Diet Products May Harm

 Here are 3 Tip on how diets may harm your health!


Why is this important? We are a nation obsessed with dieting, that we forget how to eat. Do you know of an animal that forgets how to eat?

Diet pills,  Slim Fast and Frozen Dinners! Oh my!

1-Weight loss pills- seem to promise miracles and may seem to be the magic solution at the moment.

These pills can have serious side effects and the results are  toxic to, brain, gut and body health.


2-Slim Fast-  or Nutrisystem are never a permanent weight loss solution. This is because they are laced with  toxic ingredients… making a toxic body.  It really doesn’t come  recommended for achieving “Weight Loss for Life”.

Slim-Fast has more sugar than a Hershey’s Bar!!

Sugar. First ingredient!

High Oleic Sunflower Oil. AToxic fat.

Maltodextrin.  This ingredient is often extracted from corn, a crop that is commonly genetically modified in the U.S. In Europe, it is extracted from wheat.

Gum Arabic. This is a is a  gum made of hardened sap taken from the acacia tree.

Milk Protein Concentrate. This is a concentrated milk product that can be highly processed and can contain GMO’s.

Cellulose Gel. People would probably wonder more what this is if it was called it’s alternate name, carbooxymethyl cellulose! Sounds scary, right? It’s a food additive that’s also used in K-Y Jelly (high viscosity!) and some paper products. (Wood fiber) Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Soy Fiber.  Soy is often genetically modified  in the United States.

Buttermilk Powder. A cultured skim milk. This could also be made with milk from rbGH-treated cows.

Potassium Phosphate. Yet another food additive. It is a term for the salts of Potassium.

Xanthan Gum.  A food additive. It thickens! Also used in cosmetic products. Versatile! It can be made from common allergens, such as soy, wheat and corn. People who are allergic to these foods should not eat foods with this ingredient.


3-Frozen foods are really not diet foods-  They can contain an abundance of sodium, synthetics and chemicals not found in foods from Mother Nature. They can disrupt our health in a myriad of ways.

Many frozen meals contain between 700 to1800 mg of sodium.

There is a Microwave Myth: cooking in the  microwave is healthy.  This could be furthest from the truth.

Microwaves are not a healthy way of cooking.  Radiating food is not healthy.. When we microwave, one tends to eat more -not less.



Diet pills:

Weight gain:



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