Gut Bacteria

Our gut is our second brain, and thrives on good bacteria. 

Our world is filled with many products that can change our gut bacteria for the worse. These can be medications, fake foods and sugary drinks. These habits can interrupt or sabotage our weight loss efforts.. If we are suffering from a food addiction our gut is suffering disruption and lacking in beneficial gut bacteria.

What can we do?

1-Antibiotics can interfere with good gut bacteria. When building the immune system, one does not rely on antibiotics.   Antibiotics strip the body of good gut bacteria and this allows unwanted bacteria/yeast to proliferate.  There can also be related antibiotics in dairy and industrial meat products.  You may want to purchase a probiotic.

2- rBGH Milk contains high saturated fat and can contribute to bad bacteria in the gut.  This is a risk factor for excess estrogen levels in the body.  Bacteria in the colon actually convert metabolites of cholesterol to forms of estrogen that can be reabsorbed from the digestive track back into the body. Calcium is found in greens such as organic spinach and kale. Absorbable calcium isn’t found in milk.

3-We can balance our meals with more plant base protein. “When our diet is unbalanced, as in the case of too much animal protein and-refined constipating fiberless foods, the balance in the intestinal flora will be distorted.” (Ilja Metchnikoff)

4-Increasing fermented foods are good for increasing healthy gut bacteria.  In every traditional culture, when you look at their diet, they include fermented foods.  A good source of non dairy pro-biotic cultured foods to help the human body stabilize a normal gut friendly bacterial environment would be Korean Traditional Kim-chi , raw organic sauerkraut and any fermented vegetable such as carrots.

As usual Avoid all fermented cheeses, and wine:)



2- obesity and gut bacteria:



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