Nothing Natural About Natural

IMG_0991The words- Natural, Smart, GM and Conventional – do not necessarily mean they are good for our health. Contrary to popular belief these words can actually mean chemicals, toxins and pesticides in both foods & skin care.

Here’s just one example of a product, that paid their packaging team to entice consumers with well crafted words.

“Is it really SMART to let yourself fall in love with a snack?  OF COURSE IT IS! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S SMARTFOOD  ™. “You know you want it.”  “You know where to get it.”  “Now go out there and be SMART about it.”    It only took two seconds to glance at the nutrition fact label to see that this is really not smart to eat.

The average person shops for groceries 2.8 times a week.  Something to consider when grocery shopping :

1-“Environmental chemicals known as obesogens are found in many places, including pesticides used on conventional produce. They program our bodies to store fat and develop disease.”

2-“Commercial meat production operations are permitted to use a variety of six hormones to promote growth in beef cattle or milk production in dairy cows. Studies have shown that people who eat hormone-treated beef have higher levels of foreign hormones in their blood and tissues.”

3-“European study “clearly reveals … new side effects linked with GM maize consumption” affected the liver and kidneys, but also other organs for three Monsanto GMO corn varieties.”

4- “The word ‘natural’ on food labels has no formal meaning in the U.S. In January, CSPI notified Kraft of its intent to sue if the word “natural” continues to appear on products like Natural Lemonade and Natural Lemon Iced Tea.”

Make note these so -called natural, conventional and smart products may also cause “weight gain”.

HFCS production is far from anything natural:

All sugars are not the same. HFCS is manufactured, not natural. In a recent online article, Vanessa Vadim (2010) said it best: “Manufacturing HFCS requires a long series of mechanical processes and chemical reactions, including the introduction of three different enzymes to incite molecular rearrangements. Genetically modified corn, molecularly altered by genetically engineered enzymes … how can that be considered natural?”
The chemicals and enzymes used to create HFCS include:

* hydrochloric acid
* sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
* alpha-amylase
* glucoamylase

Manufacturers even used liquid chromatography to complete the process.

Do any of these sound like a way to make food?

B&G foods lawsuit~ for misleading shoppers on all natural claim.

General Mills loses lawsuit on saying their products are “Natural” view link here…“100-natural”-labeling-face-lawsuit

ConAgra GMO Wesson oil is not Natural~

Frito Lay is not Natural~ 

We live in a system that doesn’t honor what nature’s all about.



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