Sugar and Fat Gain


Are you worth your weight in sugar?  The average American eats more than 180 pounds of white sugar a year, comprising 25 percent of our daily calorie intake.  According to Rita Elkins MH in “Solving the Depression Puzzle,” (Woodland Publishing, 2001): “We have become obsessed with sugar, not fully recognizing what excessive sugar consumption not only does to the body, but also the mind.”

Does Sugar cause Fat?   The quick answer is Yes.

Sugar is an endocrine disruptor.  Eating a lot of sugar chronically raises insulin levels in the blood, which selectively deposits energy from foods into fat cells.

Excess sugar eventually affects every organ in the body, leading to inflammation.   Initially, it is stored in the liver.  Since the liver’s capacity is limited, a daily intake of refined sugar (above the amount of complex sugar) soon makes the liver expand. When the liver is filled to its maximum capacity, the excess glycogen is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids. These are taken to every part of the body and stored in the most inactive areas: the belly, the buttocks, the breasts and the thighs.


Eating Sugar promotes stress and blood sugar spikes..  There is science behind the ingredients in junk foods that can make us crave more food and keep us fat.  These routines have destroyed the very core of our being, our mindset, our education system and our energy levels. 

Quick, Fast, Easy & without much thought, we feed our children junk, toxic, boxed this or that, and wonder why they are obese?  Sodas, Candy and Sugar can and will cause disease, disrupt our digestive, immune and nervous system and keeps us fat and stressed.

Food for Thought:

1-Weight Loss is now a 66 Billion dollar Industry!

2-In 1957, Dr. William Coda Martin tried to answer the question: When is a food a food and when is it a poison?  His working definition of “poison” was: “Medically: Any substance applied to the body, ingested or developed within the body, which causes or may cause disease.Humans need sugar as much as they need the nicotine in tobacco.

3-A recent Danish study revealed that drinking soda leads to dramatic increases in dangerous hard-to-detect fats. Some popular soda brands, including Mountain Dew, use brominated vegetable oil—a toxic flame retardant—to keep the artificial flavoring from separating from the rest of the liquid. This hazardous ingredient—sometimes listed as BVO on soda and sports drinks—can cause bromide poisoning symptoms like skin lesions and memory loss, as well as nerve disorders.Many American soda brands are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, a heart-harming man-made compound derived mainly from genetically engineered corn.  (GMO) The corn is its own pesticide. The problem? Causes high triglycerides. You can’t loose weight drinking these.

4-The more the liver is damaged, the more the immune system is damaged. Kicking the processed sugar and processed carbs such as cereals, cookies, candy, pasta, white and wheat flours and substituting vegetables and natural fruits in season, is the core of any sensible natural regimen. Changing the quality of our carbohydrates can change the quality of our health, weight loss plan and life.  If you eat natural food of good quality, quantity tends to take care of itself. 

Eating refined carbohydrates are simply incompatible with a healthy human being,  are toxic all the while causing imbalances in blood sugar levels. 


*ALL inflammation markers were reduced by cutting sugar consumption. Given that global incidence rates of overweight and obesity are on the rise, particularly among children and adolescents, it is imperative that current public health strategies include education about beverage intake.(1)

*When rewarding children, ditch the sugar and substitute a hug, a new library book or a healthy activity.
*Vegetables and seasonal organic fruits are always the best choice when choosing carbs. (fruits and veggies, weight and fat loss) (2)

*Recommend when baking-use small amounts of Organic Coconut oil or Homemade applesauce instead of oil. Choose  Raw organic unfiltered honey for sugar, and Organic Buckwheat or Organic Gluten Free Oats instead of wheat flour. These can be substituted and well tolerated.

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