Intention-Your First “Bite Size Step”

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We have good intentions to be healthy and happy but can have a hard time following through.  Time passes by and we realize we’ve gained 25 pounds last year because we neglected to have a self-care plan in place. So how did the happen, when we had such good intentions?  I’ve found behavior sabotages intentions. The behavior of eating  SAD foods increases our chances of weight gain, excited taste buds, cravings and lost energy as a hitchhiker.

So let’s take a realistic view. In the past, what has been your foundation, your mindset or your plan?  Did you put a date on your goal?  What was your behavior like?  Did you think counting calories, and ignoring stressors would make everything better?


 All Calories are not the same.

*Not all calories are created equal!  Calorie content simply means the amount of energy you will receive from a particular food. Food is nourishment and it’s the type of nutrients that matter the most.  Calories from whole foods  are good. Calories from refined, processed foods, lack energy and deprive us of nutrients.  Simple.

*Foods can leave you toxic and depressed, or they can nourish. Let’s face it – you may think you tried every fad diet – most of them worked in the beginning but failed for the long run.  You may have given up!  However, many have found with my support that eating foods that are in their most natural state,  is a simple and satisfying way that can help boost energy levels, balance weight and cleanse the body, all at the same time.  Metabolism is all about energy, the energy of your cells ,and the energy of your food. Food brings  information to every cell in the body and mind so you can thrive.

*Toxic thoughts and toxic friendships can also drain your happy. To stop this leak, only “You” have the ability to make empowered decisions about the relationships and thoughts you allow into your life, body and mind.


 Giving up on you is not an option.

The perception of the general public is that no one ever succeeds at “long-term weight loss.”    Some even believe genetic predisposition leaves them without many options.  I have witnessed several remedies for weight loss that can be downright dangerous. When we give up or give into medications, medical bariatric surgery or appetite suppressants, we may lose our happy, feel deprived and increase our risk for disease. Having the intention to make true lasting ‘weight loss for life decisions’ these methods are not sustainable. This is why “intention” is key.
Now ask yourself these questions:

1-What is my intention and plan? Write it down.

2-What have I tried that didn’t work and why am I still doing it?

3-What do I do to decrease my stress levels?

4-How can I replace junk foods with equally delicious, yet nurturing foods?

5-How can I make this a Lifetime habit? Habits are formed with reinforcement, positive or negative.

6-How will my life change when I remove processed foods and toxins?



Your tips today are:

1-Replace one junk food snack with a real food today, such as…

Apples, oranges, and chick peas are great ‘on the go’ snacks. (All Organic of course.)

2-Choose to be with friends and people that make you smile.

3-Increase what makes you happy. Happy people eat less.

4- Find a reward system that doesn’t include food.

To learn more~ I have a complete program where your can feel and see results.

Connect with me today to begin your first bite size step!
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 Four healthy breakfast choices on the run:

  • One organic green apple and organic almond butter.
  • 1/4 cup uncooked Gluten-Free organic oat groats, banana, raw walnuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, and flax seeds.
  • An organic green smoothie. May include:organic coconut water, organic spinach, apples, hemp hearts, and cherries.
  • 1 cup of homemade trail mix or gluten-free homemade granola with organic almonds. (no peanuts)


Together we can create real breakthroughs, with my program Weight Loss for Life!
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View why calorie counting doesn’t work:



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