Excito – Skin Issues

Do you eat that HUGE  bag of potato chips while you watch TV?

Chips can contain MSG. MSG can disrupt your nervous system, digestive system, metabolism and your skin!  Studies found free radical damage and degenerative changes were observed from consuming excitotoxins.  

Aspartame is and excitotoxin and very addictive. It’s marketed as diet sugar. It actually causes us to eat more. If you truly want to lose weight remove all sugar-free products with aspartame from your diet.  Some reactions to this poison may appear as skin rashes, sugar imbalances, cognitive decline, or heart palpitations. Diet foods and drinks aren’t meant for human consumption.

Fluoride is an excitotoxin found in our water supply.

Beware of bottled salad dressing where multiple excitotoxins may be hidden. Some of us experience the effects of toxic poisoning sooner than others; but it is abundantly clear that most illness are triggered by toxins in our food, air, and water.

How can we limit our toxic exposure? View video



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