Fibromyalgia-Adding Holistic to your Reality

images-2Using a natural, holistic and comprehensive approach that targets the main areas affected by this syndrome, many people experience symptom reversal or a complete recovery.  As a Holistic Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, I approach fibromyalgia discomfort by addressing the eight main areas of progression of the symptoms.


They include:

1) Dysfunction of the energy centers of the cells (mitochondria);


2) Disrupted Skin Health, Build-up of toxins in the body and skin;


3) Altered reactions in the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands (the first two are located in the brain; adrenals sit atop the kidneys);
4) Digestive tract imbalances, Leaky Gut; pH imbalances;


5) Lymph/circulation vascular issues;
6) Nervous system irregularities;


7) Inflammation in all systems;


8) Emotional Imbalances



A Nutritional Approach Works!

Food truly is the best medicine when it comes to virtually any dis-ease or disorder and fibromyalgia is no different.

What is your Skin Eating?

How many chemicals and synthetics do you use daily?

Addressing Inflammation

First, you may want to stay clear of foods you suspect are allergens. The most common ones include wheat and gluten-containing grains. Avoid GMO dairy products, refined sugar (in any form since it depletes the immune system- artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated foods and beverages, soft drinks, food additives, colors, and preservatives.  In addition to being common allergens, most of the above foods cause or aggravate inflammation in the body.

Eating to Eliminate Pain

So what is left, you may be wondering? Eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.

How you can start. You can begin with a green smoothie.  And for lunch-  simply add a large, raw salad to your lunch and dinner meals.

Drink pure filtered water every day.  If you live in the city, avoid fluoride tap water.
Since there are digestive troubles linked with fibromyalgia, fresh organic foods are recommended along with juicing your own veggies.

Your organs and cells conduct themselves to work together.  Tune into your success with this slide show below -(where I ask you to connect with me today)


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