Lengthen Telomeres

Boosting Telomeres

Making the connection between your gut health and skin health in 12 easy steps!

1- Stress is toxic to all systems and organs in our body. Stress increases your chances for premature aging and shortens telomeres. Learn stress relief. I teach relaxation techniques and positive ways to release stress. Included are Reiki, how to add in  mindfulness and meditation. Ditch the stress eating. http://bitesizepieces.net/2016/02/11/are-you-stress-eating/

2- Daily Physical Exercise boost telomerase activity. Dance like you want to live.

3- Eat fiber in fruits and veggies. In fact, eat plants first before you dive into a meal of meat, alcohol and bread. We have a world of people that don’t consume vegetables. Telomere activity is low because of myths and misinformation about meat.

4- Acid/alkaline balance is important. An acidic body adds to premature aging. Eat foods that increase alkalinity.

5- Ditch the sugar. Sugar shortens telomeres. Sugar includes, breads, cereals, cakes, waffles, popcorn, and pastries.

6- Eat super-foods such as Chlorella, Algae, Maca root and Sauerkraut. Your food is designed to give you energy.

7- Avoid fat-free foods. Include healthy fats in your diet such as raw organic nuts and avocados.

8- Eat your vitamins and remove synthetic vitamins. In order to get EFA’s – eat it. EFA’s are found in chia and flax seeds.

9- Obesity causes inflammation and increases oxidative stress in the body, leaving the body open to free radical damage, increasing premature aging. Work on eating well and forget fad dieting. Heal your gut and digestive system.

10- According to Bruce Lipton: Changing your DNA has more to do with your mind taking new action steps. We can change our thoughts, and release stress about what we perceive and experience. We know this works because our body can heal itself from traumas and disease.

11- Ditch the toxins in, on and around you. This includes toxic skin care, OTC, medications, addictions, junk foods, chemicals and pesticides. In the US the food system contains an abundance of toxic chemicals and pesticides.

12- Connect with a health coach to work through depression. Depression adds to premature aging. Sugar, alcohol and endocrine disruptors (Hormonal Disruption) can keep us depressed. Depression and obesity can keep us sick, tired and fat. People have found relief from depression by ditching toxic exposures and eating clean.

Need support? View My Program. https://bitesizepieces.lpages.co/age-stealers-presentation/

Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach and skin health educator.

Skin health from within: https://bitesizepieces.leadpages.co/many-faces-of-skin-radio/



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