Menopause.. it’s time to Rejuvenate & Renew


Menopause at 47, 51 or 60 is no reason to accept someone else’s idea of what your limitations are.  We can all be destined to have vibrant health before, during and after menopause and banish years of discomfort and hormone imbalances.  In fact now is the time to discover the best in yourself, including your power to finally deal with some core issues that can lead to weight gain, depression, brain fog, hot flashes and insomnia.. When you change your thinking about menopause you can change your life.

1-Listen to a thyroid that has been overloaded with toxins for many years. Thyroid issues may be highly aggravated by the onset of menopause.  In fact Menopause &  Thyroid Symptoms may look alike.  These are, Exhaustion, Brain Fog, Depression, Lethargy, Changes in Energy, Hair Loss, Changes in Skin Color and Hair Texture, Change in Libido, Insomnia, and Anxiety.  Listen, doesn’t mean rush out to find a prescription. You can balance your thyroid with whole foods and avoiding toxic chemicals.

2- The Digestive, adrenal, inflammation connection.  Inflammation and allergies go hand and hand. Leaky Gut could be implicated as a primary contributor to  food allergies, migraines and RA.  There may be toxins in our system which may add to a broader pattern of inflammation which often shows up during Menopause.  Many women have been sensitive to certain foods for decades, but only realize it after they lose estrogen’s soothing effect on the digestive tract. Read more on allergies here:

“Most allergies involve an inflammatory process.  As the adrenal function decreases, allergies worsen. Read here:  As the adrenal glands heal, allergies are markedly reduced.”(1) Yes, you can help your adrenals heal.

3- Sugar is an endocrine disruptor and robs the body of nutrients, testosterone, B 12 and Calcium.  Sugar can increase insomnia, mood swings and body fat, cause inflammation and high cholesterol levels in the body. Alcohol & sugar reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and thus increasing the impact that toxins can create in the body.   The body will find a way to get rid of toxins and this typically results in the body saying “Too many toxins…must sweat these out through the largest organ, “The Skin.” (hot flashes)

4- Commonalities to Menopause are Cravings, Inflammation, Emotions and Hormonal Imbalances.  Did you know many symptoms of Candida overgrowth such as weight gain, muscle fatigue and early menopause, can be caused by hormonal imbalances?  Candida can be a causative factor in cravings and hormonal imbalances.  Check your digestive tract for Candida. In Menopause, the links between hormonal balance, toxicity, inflammation and body fat aren’t the only factors that block weight loss. Candida & Unresolved emotional issues can often be the root cause.

Hormones are tremendously powerful in coordinating the actions of our organs and glands and affecting our quality of life!  Low estrogen levels can cause depression, headaches, migraines, and blood sugar irregularities.  Migraines explained here:

Progesterone is derived from cholesterol.  Cholesterol levels can change with menopause.(2)  “Without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel which can be dangerous.  Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the body as nature intended.  It is inflammation that causes cholesterol to become trapped.” (Dr. Dwight Lundell) Inflammatory foods can include: rBGH dairy, wheat, sugar, cereal, and corn.

5- A clogged lymph system can cause headaches.  When our lymph is clogged our body looks for alternative ways to get rid of the trash.  Plan B is making mucous out of it.  Lots of mucous in the morning can be a symptom of a problem.  By gently promoting the movement of lymph with dry brushing, the body detoxifies and decongests.(4)

When experiencing hormonal changes, sometimes we forget to take a moment to breathe.

Here are some tips!

A- Deep breathing is one of the best ways to move lymph fluid through your body.  Our lymph system is a pressure system that runs best on physical activity and movement.  Our lymph can become blocked when we are feeling stuck or unable to express ourself.”(3)

B- Stress can negatively affect the adrenal glands and increase inflammation.  Begin an exercise program. Follow thru, make it fun. Exercise improves mood, prevents dementia and balances hormones. Working out during the day = less sweat at night.

C- Remember to Hydrate your body and avoid mucus forming foods such as sugar, gluten, rBGH dairy products and processed foods..Buy Organic!! Illness cost so much more.

Follow thru with lifestyle changes and get the support you need, feel better and see results.

Connie Rogers is a Board Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach & Published Author. Book here







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