Staying Sexy as We Age

staying sexy w age

Ever seen men gaining breast tissue and weight as they age?  What about women with low libido?

Studies have shown that men who  are overweight (50 + pounds or more) are heading first for erectile dysfunction followed by heart disease and diabetes.  It can also be said that they have hormones disruption in several organs.

Women with hormonal issues may experience hot flashes, weight gain,  loss of muscle, bone loss, hair loss, and sleep disturbances.

Sex, as we age, is now a topic of great concern to the more than 21 million American men and women who are over 65 years of age.

Some myths are:

  • Impotence is a natural consequence of aging.
  • Sexual activity can be dangerous for the elderly.
  • Men have to get bellies and prostate troubles.
  • Sex drive or libido diminishes with advancing years for both men and women.

The truth:

Most healthy women and men can expect unimpaired sexual activity to the end of their lives if that was their pattern earlier.

When we exercise -weight is balanced and so is skin elasticity.

When we eat healthier we are more likely to ditch the sugary products, wheat, and caffeine that increase premature aging and low sex drive.

Those who suffer from low sex drive because of psychological factors and food addictions can benefit greatly from my coaching programs. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your sexual partner is essential to having a fulfilling sex life, as we age.

Remember for some strange reason-Health is not valued till sickness comes-but SEX is always valued!   Sex, as we age, can be more intimate because we have more time to enjoy, relax and talk things through.

So what issues stand in the way of your sex life now?

Let’s connect today!

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