Skin Health & Obesity

Prevention is the best and most effective way to stop premature aging of the skin and loss of collagen and elastin. In the U .S. we need to take a serious look at stress levels and the obesity epidemic. Obesity is responsible for changes in skin barrier function, sebaceous glands and sebum production, sweat glands, lymphatics, collagen structure and function. Obesity is also implicated in a wide spectrum of dermatologic diseases.  Moreover, obesity is connected to poor immunity. Poor Immunity can disrupt and may chemically destroy collagen.
Stress keeps our skin toxic and starves it of oxygen. PLUS stress can increase weight gain! Not only does stress stand in the way of the skin’s ability to repair itself, but studies also show high cortisol levels were found to increase DNA damage, and interfere with DNA repair. Stress can hide in every fiber of our being. Warning signals include lupus, fibromyalgia, (where collagen structure changes) and acne rosacea, where stress eventually weakens immunity.
Some tips you’ll find in my program include:
Apples are a signature food for great skin. Organic apples are high in vitamin C, which help to boost collagen levels.
Because spinach is rich in vitamin E and bioflavonoids, protects our skin, and boost collagen levels, making it a great skin healthy food.
Avocados have antioxidant and DNA protective effects and fight premature aging.