Hair Loss doesn’t have to be Permanent

hair loss head shot

Hair Loss in women doesn’t always have to be permanent. 

Over the years women, have confided in me about those special times they would donate their locks for cancer patients, and then years later they themselves were feeling less then comfortable about their own thinning hair.  Is there a certain age where everything droops, puckers or falls out, they ask?

Hair loss is a conversation that not too many of us talk about, unless you’re in the hair business or whisper concerns to your best friend.

I hear women say in a panic tone:  “In two months it will be the beginning of summer vacation and OMG…  my hair is falling out.  Why is this happening to me…?  ”

Many well known factors for hair-loss include smoking, radiation, chemotherapy, stress, chemical assaults, and premature aging.  BUT..what if you don’t fit into any of those categories?

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Connie Rogers is a Lifestyle Educator, Reiki Master, 43 years Certified Cosmetologist/Esthetician, Certified Integrated Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Wellness Writer, Owner Reverseage Wellness Essential Oils.  Expert in toxins that can disrupt our skin, metabolic, and endocrine health.

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